Product description

Hysun medical container units provide a good medical environment for medical staff and patients with a solid structure and good insulation, green material, and bright space.

Product Description

The medical container units can be used separately as a health care station and also valid to use together as a hospital. As a turn-key container modular unit, you can get a clinic/hospital in a day.

Clinic insides





Basic unit: 20ft container*1 On option items
1. 1 external steel door 1 sliding window 1. Hospital bed: 2 pc
2. 1 toilet room with exhaust fan + window 2. curtain with rod:2 set
3. Electricity: 3 sockets, 2 light, 1 socket for A/C per room 3. Hospital device Bar: 2 set
\ 4. Sanitary fitting:
west style toilet*1
\5. Plumbing system

Information about Products

Size Information (It is about one unit)

External size L 6055 mm*W 2435 mm*H 2700 mm
Internal size L 5855 mm*W 2235 mm*H 2500 mm

Technical Parameter

Wainscots light insulation panels
FLOOR Permitted loading 2.50 KN/m²
FLOOR Coefficient of thermal conductivity k= 0.41W/m²K
CEILING Coefficient of thermal conductivity k= 0.41W/m²K
CEILING Permitted loading 1.00 KN/m²
Voltage 220/380 V, 50 Hz

Our Advantages

Choose the function units
Decide the Q’ty of function units
Fast to get an in-patient department
Tell me your demand, we will design for you.


Load: 4 units/20 GP, 6 units/40 HQ