Product description

HYSUN’s standard container for various purposes is suitable for international container transport.
It is of appropriate external dimensions and has connections for lifting and fixing or compounding. The container is designed as a light construction consisting of floor and roof frames and corner profiles.

Product Description

The construction enables the compounding of individual containers in longitudinal and transverse directions without limits.

product description

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External size L 6055 mm*W 2435 mm*H 2700 mm
Internal size L 5855 mm*W 2235 mm*H 2500 mm
Wainscots light insulation panels
Material cold-formed steel profiles in a thickness of 2 to 4 mm
FLOOR Coefficient of thermal conductivity k= 0.41 W/m²K
FLOOR Permitted loading 2.50 KN/m²
Windows PVC, white color, dimensions 800 X 1100 mm, double layer glass in a thickness of 4/9/4 mm
Voltage 220/380 V, 50 Hz



The 1-bed ward unit – Container A
 Basic unit: 20ft container*1
1. 1 external steel door 1 sliding window
2. 1 toilet room with exhaust fan + window
3. Electricity: 3 sockets, 2 light, 1 socket for A/C
On option items:
1. Hospital bed: 1 pc 2. curtain with rod:2 set
3. Hospital device Bar:1 set 4. Hospital table cabinet:1 set
5. Steel cabinet: 1 set 6. Plumbing system
7. Sanitary fitting: west style toilet*1

Our Advantages

All kinds of basic function cells

1. The reception room unit 2. The hospital department unit
3. The emergency room unit 4. The inpatient unit
5. The registered office unit 6. The storage pharmacy unit
7. The medical instrument room unit 8. The medical waste disposal unit 9. The ward clinic unit 10. The isolation room unit
11. The monitoring room unit


Load: 4 units/ 20 GP , 6 units/ 40 HQ