Product description
  1. Reduce the input of epidemic prevention personnel
  2. Ensure the safety of epidemic prevention personnel
  3. Prevent contact with cross-infection

Product Description

The Automatic Folding Disinfection Channel (AFDC) functions as a mandatory “passage” with thermal scanning (extra part) and decontamination functionalities, which can monitor and disinfect the people as they pass through. The AFDC is a plugin and play, fully integrated solution for decontamination and thermo-detection (extra fitting), which can be installed in a matter of hours in high-risk locations. All scanning and disinfecting of people, takes place within transit, without stops, and without touching any surfaces. The AFDC can be installed in15 mins to ensure the monitoring and protection of public spaces. Z Type


Expand SizeL2100 * W1150 * H2300mm
Pack SizeL2100 * W1150 * H250mm
WeightFolding channel:210kg
Ultrasonic Atomizer:26.5kg
Working Voltage220V/127V
Related Power400W
Equipment MaterialSteel frame + sun panel (sky blue)
Rainproof functionWith rain protection
Load30 set/20GP, 60 set/40HQ
Working environment 10-40 °C (invalid below 0 °C, disinfectant freeze)
Spray disinfection waiting time 5-15 seconds recommended
Spray efficiency 7000ml/H

Our Advantages

The device has two sets of universal brake casters and four sets of directional brake casters, the device can be moved Easy and fast deployment at the same time, reducing storage space. The tires are made of nylon, so they can adapt to various roads.
The equipment adopts an alternating current of 220V,/110V and its power consumption is less than 600W (if this product is used in other countries outside China, users can match it to corresponding electrical components in the light of local mains voltage). It is easy to install, deploy, operate, learn, and use the equipment, and the disinfectant can be filled and emptied easily.



Product packaging


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