Product description
  1. Materials: Main body: Corten-A steel, Floor: 28mm solid Plywood. 5 years warranty.
  2. Approval by ABS, BV, GL, CCS. Meet the requirement of ISO, UIC, TIR, CSC, TCT

Applications or special features

1. It can be made as to the workshop, house for the battery group device, oil engine, water treatment equipment, electrical power and so on as the working box ;
2. for the convenient move and save cost, more and more customers try to fix their device, such as the generator, compressor, on a container.
3. waterproof and safe.
4. convenient for loading, lifting, moving.
5. can adjust the sizes, structures according to different devices’ requirements.

Product Description


Valid pick up in Shanghai,Ningbo,Shenzhen, Qingdao, Tianjin. etc.
Valid oneway to baseport.

External Dimensions (L x W x H)mm 12192x2438x2896
Internal Dimensions (L x W x H)mm 12032x2352x2698
Door Dimensions (L x H)mm 2340×2585
Inner capacity 76.4 CBM
Tare Weight 3730 KGS
Max Gross Weight 32500 KGS

Maritime Container Material List

  1. Corner: ISO standard corner, 178x162x118mm
  2. Floor Beam for long side: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 4.0mm
  3. Floor Beam for short side: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 4.5mm
  4. Floor: 28mm, intensity: 7260kg
  5. Wall panel-long side: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 1.6mm+2.0mm
  6. Wall panel-short side: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 2.0mm
  7. Column: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 6.0mm
  8. Inner column for backside: Steel: SM50YA + channel steel 13x40x12
  9. Horizontal beam for the door: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 3.0mm for standard container and 4.0mm for high cube container
  10. Door Panel: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 2.0mm
  11. Lockset: 4 set container lock bar
  12. Top Beam: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 4.0mm
  13. Top panel: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 2.0mm
  14. Paint: The paint system is guaranteed against corrosion and/or paint failure for a period of five (5) years.
    Inside wall paint thickness: 75µ Outside Wall paint thickness: 30+40+40=110u
    Outside Roof paint thickness: 30+40+50=120u Chassis paint thickness: 30+200=230u