Product description

Product Description

Valid pick up in Shanghai,Ningbo,Shenzhen, Qingdao, Tianjin. etc.
Valid oneway to baseport.


  1. Product Name: ISO shipping container
  2. Place of Product: Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Qingdao, China
  3. Modes of packing: SOC(shipper own container)
  4. External Dimensions (L x W x H)mm: 6058x2438x2591
  5. Internal Dimensions (L x W x H)mm: 5900x2352x2393
  6. Door Dimensions (W x H)mm: 2340×2280
  7. Max Gross Weight: 30480 KGS
  8. Tare Weight: 2100 KGS
  9. Inner capacity: 33.2 CBM

Maritime Container Material List

  1. Corner: ISO standard corner, 178x162x118mm
  2. Floor Beam for long side: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 4.0mm
  3. Floor Beam for short side: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 4.5mm
  4. Floor: 28mm, intensity: 7260kg
  5. Column: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 6.0mm
  6. Inner column for back side: Steel: SM50YA + channel steel 13x40x12
  7. Wall panel-long side: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 1.6mm+2.0mm
  8. Wall panel-short side: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 2.0mm
  9. Door Panel: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 2.0mm
  10. Horizontal beam for door: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 3.0mm for standard container and 4.0mm for high cube container
  11. Lockset: 4 set container lock bar
  12. Top Beam: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 4.0mm
  13. Top panel: Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 2.0mm
  14. Paint: Inside wall paint thickness: 75µ Outside Wall paint thickness: 30+40+40=110uOutside Roof paint thickness: 30+40+50=120u Chassis paint thickness: 30+200=230u

More uses

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Transport and ship with SOC style overworld. (SOC: Shipper own container)