Product description

Product Description

The total area of the hysun expandable house is about 76 square meters, and it will take 8 people to complete the construction within half a day. Including a parents’ bedroom and 2 children’s bedrooms. 2 toilets, paper holders, showers, sinks, mirrors, towel rails are all installed in our factory. Customers only need to connect the water supply and drain pipes locally. The kitchen is open, we can customize the kitchen cabinets. We can also provide range hoods, ovens, dishwashers, and other electrical appliances. The living room has enough space for tables, sofas, and coffee tables.

Hysun 40FT\30FT\20FT expandable container houses are also very economical and easy to install. Of course, it can also be equipped with tires. It can be pulled at any time by a car, just like a motorhome. It has powerful expandability, can be a prefabricated solar photovoltaic power generation system, rainwater collection system can also be pre-installed, the hydraulic support arm can also be installed, automatic lifting and leveling, loading and unloading tractors, etc.


No contents pecification contents pecification
1 Size W2250mm/6400mm
Wall panel 50mm, 75mm, 100mm thick rock wool composite board or EPS flame retardant insulation wall board
2 Door Tempered glass aluminum alloy swing door Wall panel same as “size”
3 window Tempered glass aluminum casement window Wall panel same as “size”
4 frame Galvanized steel frame, 160*160*5mm legs, 160*80*5mm gauge, special national standard container hanger, 1.0mm galvanized
corrugated container roof, fully welded
installation time 3.5 hours for 8 persons (including decoration)
5 Galvanized steel frame same as “frame” transport 40HQ
1. wall panel installation       
2. 40FT frame welder           
3. Bottom inlet and drainage arrangement 
The pattern inside the house can be changed according to your request.
We can also provide some household appliances, such as air conditioning, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven etc..


Packing & Delivery

Load: 1 units/40HQ